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It's important to remember that everything we see or feel is a source of creation. This a true story about the journeys of three men who are shaping the world and guiding humanity into the future through their creations. The first man - Nikola Tesla. His first big break through in 1896, began to produce electricity from Niagara Falls. His inventions continue to thrive in the world today. The second man "Major" Ibrahim Atchia, began to conceive the idea of electricity in the early 1890's. Along with his brothers, they began a mammoth feat of engineering. Using their bare hands, and a lot of dynamite, they finally achieved success. Reduit Hydro Power Station became operational in 1901 and began lighting the Governor's residence in Mauritius. In 2019, plane ticket in hand, a mind full of hopes and dreams, the third man landed in Mauritius. It is here that the future of electricity, once again, begins a new era. It is he who tell's the story of Three Wise Men and their parallel lives.

A true story about the journeys of three men who are
Shaping the world and guiding humanity through their creations
Directed By Sada Rajiah and Desire Prevost CREATION IS BORN THROUGH OUR IMAGINATION  Three Wise Men - Parallel Lives<br />
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Three Wise Men - Parallel Lives!

There’s no denying the next century will be defined by the answers to one big question: how do we solve our dire energy crisis? The answer may have been right under our noses. Electricity is often credited by the mainstream to Edison and Franklin, but “Three Wise Men: Parallel Lines” prove more to the story. For one, the story is not yet over.

Featuring in-depth insight into the journeys of 3 men – born countries apart, generations apart “Parallel Lines” explores the almost mythical connection they share in shaping Earth’s technological standing and sustainability – past, present and future. Because regardless of where and when these men were born, they all have one thing in common: they were encouraged from a young age to envision a better world.

After decades of exploring the globe, during which he amassed the skills, wisdom, and motivation to guide him forward, Deane Thomas arrives in Mauritius, a small island-country in the middle of the Indian Ocean, to set up a game-changing project. It’s a place already-enriched with a history of genius, once that could be the key to a sustainable future due to the exploits of
the two other men whose lives parallel his own.

Nikola Tesla transformed the lives of billions of people with his inventions. His Niagara Falls hydro-power station in 1896, for example, brought electricity to the USA for the first time. Now his descendant, Tomislav Tesla, asks Deane to help with his new hydro-powered technology that works in harmony with the natural environment, a gift in the fight for sustainable energy. Mauritius approaches Deane for help, and this relationship unravels threads between himself, the Tesla’s, and an overlooked figure in this critical episode in history: “Major” Ibrahim Atchia.

Atchia was the son of a trader and became one with the streams flowing behind his home. In 1901, he used them to create a working power plant – without machinery – that brought electricity to all of Mauritius, even before all of London had working electricity.

With the surviving descendants of Atchia and Tesla’s new technology, Deane will use the knowledge and life lessons he’s gained from these parallel lives to present a way forward for humanity, with Mauritius proving itself a hub for creativity and innovation yet again. “Three Wise Men: Parallel Lives” explores this pursuit of a brighter future, because, like the inventors who shaped modern life with their creations centuries ago, the legacy of these parallel lives will shape generations to come.


Cast And Crew

Made In Mauritius With Love

Sada Rajiah


Desire Prevost

Director & Cameraman

Deane Thomas


Joshua Rose

Nikola Tesla

Dr Michael Atchia

Grandson Of ``Mazor``

Meersaheb Mahmade

``Mazor`` Amode Ibrahim Atchia

Behind The Scenes Pictures


We are grateful to these two great creators for allowing us to use 3 of their compositions in the film “Three Wise Men – Parallel Lives”
Queens View
A Cross The Water To Svelmø
Damsbo Bay
Taking from the album “Archipelago” by Finland & Aaskoven
Thank you Steffen and Thor!

Thor Finland is a Danish Music Award-winning producer with several Danish top 10 hits under his belt. He has been composing and scoring music for both motion pictures, TV, documentaries, and commercials for brands like Coca Cola and the national Danish Cancer Society.
Steffen Aaskoven is from the celebrated chillout-group Bliss, whose music can be found on 6 albums and over 300 compilations worldwide such as Café Del Mar, Buddha Bar, etc.
Bliss has worked with high prose artists like Boy George, Ane Brun, Lisbeth Scott, Sophie Barker just to name a few, and has been scoring for big motion pictures – from Disney, Sex in the City The Movie, C.S.I, Moving Art among others. Bliss is also featured on numerous TV commercials worldwide.
Finland & Aaskoven – Tahiti episode Moving Art Season 3 – Netflix …soundtrack link below